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As EV adoption increases, so will the need for EV charging stations. Shore Office Systems has partnered with Terra, to bring a line of premium charging stations to make electrification accessible to everyone with turnkey operations and intuitive management. From infrastructure planning to installation, Shore Office Systems and Terra are committed to making EV charging easy for commercial, fleet, and residential environments.

Partnering with Businesses

At Shore EV, we are committed to promoting sustainable transportation by providing reliable and efficient electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. We are looking to place our charging stations across Long Island, NY, making it convenient for EV owners to power up their vehicles and contribute to a greener future.

Shore EV is proud to collaborate with local businesses to install EV charging stations, promoting sustainability and attracting eco-conscious customers. If you’re a business owner interested in hosting a charging station, contact us to learn about the benefits of becoming a Shore EV partner.

Join us in driving towards a sustainable and electric future with Shore EV!


Single Family/Home

TES 40 Series Charging Station

We designed the TES 40 Series Home Charging Station for drivers who want to charge their electric vehicles safely and in the privacy of their home. With innovative features, the 40 Series allows for maximum power delivery, greater convenience, and the advanced technology drivers
need to ensure their vehicle is ready to go!

Key Features
• Level 2 Charger (240V) with flexible amperage up to 50A
• WiFi Enabled
• Easy-to-Read OLED Display
• Long 25-foot Cable
• Easy Installation


Multi Family/Home

TES 50 Series SmartCharge

The TES 50 Series is ideal for properties with assigned parking spots and makes it easy for individual tenants to personalize their car charging experience. With its innovative features, this personal EV charging station will allow for greater energy efficiency and the technological advancements today’s renters want.

Designed for the use of one driver with a dedicated parking space and supports monthly billing.

• Users will be able to charge their cars right at their assigned spots
• The SemaConnect Network allows you to easily manage EV Charging Stations and add new stations or drivers
• Drivers pay a monthly fee for their charging, plus the cost of electricity and parking at their designated spots


Single Family/Home

TES 60 Series SmartCharge

We designed the perfect electric vehicle charging station suitable
for commercial applications such as multifamily, office, hotel, retail,
fleet, municipality and urban garages. Its compact form factor, ease
of installation and comprehensive online management system make
it the best choice for charging electric vehicle.

The Network is what makes it a SmartCharge

• Instant Updates & Notifications
• Secure Log-in
• Charging Status
• Smart Card Authentication
• Charging Station Locator
• Smart Phone Application
• Toll-Free Customer Support
• Online Bill Pay
• Sustainability Reports

TES 70 & 70+ SERIES


TES 70 Series SmartCharge

The TES 70 Series Smart Charge is a smart charging station that makes it easy to charge your EV fleets and make sure they are ready to go. Designed for commercial applications – workplace, multifamily, hospitality, and the public sector. Including built-in alerts and a smart dashboard to visualize detailed reports on electricity used, carbon offset fuel savings and more.

TES 70+ Series SmartCharge

Our most powerful Level 2 charger, 19.2kW (80A), and has all the same features of the TES 70 Series. It features a sleek, elegant design, a slim footprint, and rugged aluminum casing. The TES 70+ Series is the most powerful Level 2 fleet charging solution on the market and is a cost-effective solution for EV fleets and commercial properties that want to maximize power while minimizing costs.

TES 80 & 80+ SERIES


TES 80 Series SmartCharge

We designed the TES 80 Series EV Charging Station fo commercial applications where drivers are likely to pay with a credit card. With our built-in credit card reader, drivers don’t need a network membership to charge their vehicle. This is perfect for all commercial applications, including shopping malls, hospitals, municipal parking, and any retail location.

TES 80+ Series SmartCharge

Feature-rich like the TES 80, the all-new TES 80+ Series EV
Charging Station packs a robust output of up to 19.2kW!
Designed to keep up with evolving EV battery technologies,
this device is sure to attract EV drivers with higher AC input
charging capabilities. More powerful and still perfect for all
commercial applications, including shopping malls,
hospitals, municipal parking, and any retail location