Drivve Image Software

Drivve | Image™ is a powerful document capture and routing solution. It leverages Sharp OSA technology allowing users to quickly and easily capture paper documents and their metadata for ongoing processing from the Sharp MFP control panel. Its powerful features include scan-to-email, scan-to-fax, Bates Stamping, digital rights management, Zonal OCR and Barcode recognition with output to many business applications and systems.

Drivve | Image™ is licensed per device and has a modular architecture enabling customers to start with basic scan/capture functionality and introduce more advanced functionality as their requirements grow and develop.

Some Drivve | Image™ modules can be used individually while others can be used in combination. The modules can be purchased as either embedded connector licenses developed with the Sharp OSA platform or as Hotfolder server licenses.

The embedded connector licenses allow users to access the functionality directly from the Sharp MFP panel. Please contact your sales rep to get details of supported Sharp MFP models.

The Hotfolder server licenses allow users to process scans server-side, no matter the make and model of the input device.

Output Management software vs. Print Management software; What’s the Difference?

When it comes to assured delivery of your critical documents, words matter. The terms “print management” and “output management” — though often used interchangeably — are really quite different.

While there are other distinctions between the two, the main differences are in the document origin and final destination. Print management software systems mostly capture user-generated documents from devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones, etc. These documents may be destined for a regular printer or a multi-function peripheral (MFP), but the end product is the same: a hardcopy document printed on a network device.

Print management software eliminates many of the problems related to the simple printing functions built into Windows and other operating systems. A well-designed print management solution lets you eliminate redundant print servers while offering improved error handing, print driver installations/updates, job accounting, and other printing-related functions.