MFP User Interface
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10.1" Touch-Screen Printer Interface Features


Sharp MFPs now feature advanced touch screen printer interface displays that allow users to preview, edit and customize documents with the flick of a finger!

Action Panel

Context-based action panels provide clear, concise choices for every task your office needs.

Real-Time Image Preview

Users can easily check and edit a preview image of their copy or scan job on the operation panel.

Eco Mode

This innovative energy-saving mode automatically adjusts to power up or down to meet your desired usage schedule.


With just a few key strokes, walk-up users can choose from 24 different display languages right on the printer interface.

Move/Delete Pages

You can quickly edit your document right from the LCD panel before the job is printed or e-mailed.

Page Rotation

Easily correct upside-down scanned pages with Page Rotation feature.

Two-Sided Flip

Save time by reviewing two-sided scanned documents right from the LCD panel.

8.5" Touch-Screen Features


High-Resolution 8.5″ (diagonally measured) color touch-screen with graphical navigation.

Thumbnail View

The 8.5″ touch-screen printer interface display provides an intuitive thumbnail view that allows you to easily locate previously-saved jobs.

Advanced Image Check

Sharp’s Image Check feature allows you to preview stored documents on the device itself. This feature lets you easily zoom, rotate and scroll through your documents.

7" Touch-Screen Features


High Resolution 7″ (diagonally measured) color touch-screen with graphical navigation.

Thumbnail View

The 7″ touch-screen display offers an intuitive thumbnail view to allow users to quickly locate stored jobs.

Convenient Stylus

Sharp’s convenient stylus provides painless point-and-touch navigation right on the printer interface.