Sharp Awards

Sharp Awards

Sharp, a worldwide leader in office products and solutions, has consistently been recognized by the Buyers Laboratory for the quality and reliability of its state-of-the-art machines. Year after year, BLI, the leading independent global document imaging product test lab, has given Sharp awards in several competitive categories.

A History of Sharp Awards Through the Years

Sharp’s office products and solutions set the standard in the industry. The excellence of its machines has been consistently recognized as “Highly Recommended,” “Reliably Certified” and more.

BLI 2018 Reliability Award

Buyers Laboratory gave this prestigious award to the Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America in the category of “Most Reliable Monochrome Copier MFP Brand” for three years running.

BLI 2018 PaceSetter Award

Sharp also received the BLI PaceSetter award for “Ease of Use: Enterprise Devices in 2018 – 2019.”

BLI 2018 Pick Award

The long list of Sharp awards from 2018 also includes the 2018 Pick Award in three categories: “Outstanding MFP for Mid-Size Workgroups,” “Outstanding 35-ppm Copier MFP” and “Outstanding 50-ppm Copier MFP.”

BLI 2018 Highly Recommended

In 2018, Sharp received a “Certificate of Recommendation” from Buyers Laboratory recognizing the performance of its MX-M316N with a “Highly Recommended” rating and seal of approval.

BLI 2018 Reliability Certified

Sharp was also awarded a “Certificate of Reliability” in 2018 for the performance of its MX-M316N.

BLI 2017 Highly Recommended

In 2017, Buyers Laboratory recognized Sharp with a “Highly Recommended” rating and seal of approval for the performance of eight models of its state-of-the-art office machines.

BLI 2017 Reliability Certified

Sharp also received recognition in 2017 for the reliability of eight types of its popular office products.

BLI 2016 Highly Recommended

The history of Sharp awards from the Buyers Laboratory extends back to 2016 when two models of its office machines were recognized as “Highly Recommended.”

BLI 2016 Reliability Certified

That very year, the same two models were given the distinction of being “Reliability Certified.”

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